How to authorise your blog / website with Hypetap

Google Analytics required

In order to collaborate with your blog on Hypetap, you must have Google Analytics active on your blog or website. Hypetap will require read-only access to your Google Analytics so that we can provide valuable insights to the brands you collaborate with.


Connecting your blog/website to Hypetap


  1. Go to your profile page (
  2. Go to the ‘Channels you offer influence in’ section
  3. Click ‘Connect blog’

  4. In the pop up that shows up, enter your website homepage address

  5. Click ‘Authorise with Google’ and you will be redirected to a screen that will prompt you to either choose an account or Sign in to an account.
  6. Once you’ve signed in and selected an account with Google, there will be a permissions screen that will ask to give Hypetap permission to view your analytics data.
  7. If you provide us with the permission by clicking ‘Allow’, you will be redirected back to your profile on Hypetap.
  8. The screen will load for a few seconds while Hypetap connects with Google and sets up your account. If the connection is successful, you will see your blog connected, with a Unique Monthly Views value next to your blog.

  9. Sometimes we aren’t able to find a direct match to the website address you entered in, so we will provide you with a selection based on what we could find in your account. If you see this prompt, select the correct website from the list provided and click ‘Authorise’

I already have a blog/website connected

All blogs and websites will still be viewable if you have connected it to your Hypetap profile, however, if you are yet to provide us with Google authorisation you will no longer be able to collaborate with brands with your blog or website.

In your profile you will now see this prompt, you can click on ‘Authorise now’ and follow on from Step 5 in the above step-by-step.

Once authorised, you will be able to collaborate with your blog or website again.


Important notes

  • You cannot collaborate with a blog or website if you do not have Google Analytics enabled and do not provide Hypetap access.
  • You may be prompted to authorise your blog or website again after the first time if you ever remove access manually, or Google makes an update that removes access.
  • We will only draw data from:
    • The blog/website homepage you authorise
    • Any blog/website pages you submit as hype to collaborations

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