At Hypetap we have two core offerings, the self-service platform and the Hypetap agency.

Self-Service Platform

To use the self-service platform, you must purchase credits to start campaigns and work with influencers on our network.

BASIC access brands - limited features

You get:

  • Set up your own campaign (Minimum AUD 1,000 credits required)
  • Get expressions of interest from our invitation only influencers
  • End to end management flow for collaboration with each influencer
  • Full digital rights management

BASIC access brands pay a 20% service fee on all credits purchased

PREMIUM access brands - full features

You can purchase Premium access for each brand for an additional AUD 1,000 per month.

You get everything a BASIC access brand gets as well as:

  • access to a more sophisticated results suite
  • access to budgeting tools
  • ability to browse the entire network of influencers
  • ability to invite them to your campaigns
  • ability to save influencers to favorites

PREMIUM access brands pay a 10% (reduced from 20%) service fee on all credits purchased

Hypetap Agency

Based on budgets of AUD 20,000 and above, the Hypetap agency provides campaign execution you can trust.

Spend minimal time on execution and let us ensure that the influencer selection is well aligned, content is carefully crafted, and reporting shows real views and sentiment.

Get in touch with our sales team to find out more at
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