Paying with credits as a brand

What are credits?

Hypetap uses a credits system to facilitate payments to influencers. It’s a flexible and easy to use system to pay influencers for collaborations. Credits can be purchased for each brand, and can be used by any team members that have access to that brand.


Service fee

Hypetap charges a service fee for use of the platform. This is a percentage based fee on the amount of credits you add to a brand. There are no longer any service fees on collaborations with influencers, as this is all taken upfront when you purchase credits.

Important notes:

  • Brands are charged a 20% service fee on all credits purchased.
  • Premium brands are only charged a 10% service fee on all credits purchased.
  • Service fees are non-refundable.


Using credits

There are 3 steps to paying an influencer on Hypetap.

STEP 1 - Purchasing credits

Credits can be purchased for each brand on the finances page:

  1. Go to your finances page (
  2. Click on the credits tab
  3. Find the brand you wish to purchase credits for and click 'Add credits'
  4. Fill out the credit card form, and submit.
  5. You should have credits for that brand immediately.

STEP 2 - Committing credits to a collaboration

If payment is involved in a collaboration, credits will automatically be committed to the collaboration once both you and the influencer accept the negotiation.

When credits are committed to the collaboration, they are deducted from your brand’s available credits.

If your brand does not have enough credits for that collaboration, you will be prompted to add more. Credits must be committed to the collaboration before the influencer can start creating and posting content.

STEP 3 - Releasing funds to the influencer

When you have confirmed that hype is all complete, that is:

  • All posts have been confirmed.
  • You have confirmed that the influencer has finished Hype.
  • You move to the feedback stage of the collaboration.

Hypetap will release the funds to the influencer to their nominated account. You will then receive an invoice/receipt (marked as paid) from the influencer.


Important notes

  • To start a campaign you must have at least AUD 1,000 credits.
  • At this stage the majority of influencers on the platform are based in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. If you're based elsewhere, please be conscious of this before you commit to spending on the campaign! We'll let you know when influencers in your region start onboarding.
  • You can get in touch with us if you are not able to pay by credit card for other payment options.
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